Module 4 Task 1

During the group time, the teacher is walking around and stopping at each group. He asks questions to the group about explaining their thought process. He brings other questions to front about their calculations and encourages the students to work together to solve the problems. He also serves to clarify information about the initial question. The teacher ultimately guided the students in their understanding of the problems by being available to bounce ideas off of and also to question their own thought process.

After the group time the teacher leads the discussion without judgement. He listens to each group’s finding and scribes them on the board. He asks for clarification if the answers from the group are too vague. He is able to guide the students in their thinking to solve the problem without coming out and saying , “Yes this is right” or “No this is wrong”.

I saw the students were able to use calculators in their group efforts. This was a good idea so they could focus on the task and not the number crunching. I think in a classroom today it could have been taken further by using a computer program to visualize the box together and apart.


One thought on “Module 4 Task 1

  1. I like that you incorporated a even more advanced form of technology by using the computer. There are many 3D programs today which would give students a visual. maybe if there was a program that would allow the students to plug in the dimensions they came up with and showed it to them. It would give students guidance in seeing how close they are to the answer.

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