Baby planning

I have yet to tell anyone in my family, other than our parents, that the Hubs and I are planning on starting a family any time soon. I really would like for it to be a surprise. My mother is the oldest daughter and I am the oldest grandchild, which will make our child the first great grandchild. At Thanksgiving I couldn’t help but look around and wonder what the dynamics will be like with a new baby around here in a few years. The youngest child now is 5 years old and the second oldest is 21 years old (big gap huh? and I’m the oldest with an additional 6 years on the 21 year old) As I thought about it I became more excited for this whole process to begin. (Can’t we just go ahead and start?!?!?) But the gentle voice of the Hubs in my head reminds me, “It’s not long to wait.” This is true and in that time I can begin planning and preparing the way for baby.

The only problem is that there isn’t that much out there about preparing for baby. I wonder if this is because everyone is not married to the most wonderful and most planning Mr. Hubs. Before he even said yes to starting in the late spring of 2014 he wanted to chat and research how much everything would be and have a plan for child care (gosh its so expensive!) I read things that say “go to the doctor and get a check up” other things say start taking prenatal vitamins. I want a comprehensive list of everything I need to do and when. (I like list) Maybe like one of those you get when you get engaged and begin planning a wedding. So here goes my attempt of what I’ve done so far and maybe it’ll help someone else out there like me.

The Making of Baby

Preparing for The Making
4-6 months

*Budget: Start thinking about budget. How will you pay for everything you’ll need for before and after baby is born? (ie. hand-me-downs, coupons, gifts, saving money) Set a monthly budget for how much you will spend in your efforts to stockpile for baby. Think about a nursery budget to design your heart out within reason.

*Sleeping plans: Plan for where baby will be sleeping your home. Will there be a nursery? Are you adding a crib to your bedroom? Where will you be with baby most of the time?

*Health: Do you have illnesses that run in your family or maybe in your partner’s? Go to the doctor and talk to them about any health concerns you have now. Go to the dentist too! You won’t be able to have some things done while pregnant and your hormones will make you more susceptible to decay. Here’s more info about that from

*Nutrition: Nutrition and exercise are always important, but might change or add something to your routine right now to help out later. There are a million articles about what foods are best to eat that make you more fertile but I have grown fond of’s article.

*Dream: No really, dream big. Make a pinterest board (they even have secret boards if you want to keep it a surprise) of everything you love and like. Be inspired and dream. Then, decide what is most important out of all that wonderful dreaminess.


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