Nails of the week 9/8

nails  This week’s nails were inspired by one of my pins on pinterest. I used Sally Hansen “First Kiss”, SinfulColors “Black on Black”, Revlon “Spirit”, and Nicole OPI “Top Coat Plus”. Every one of the colors that I used I got on clearance this summer at Rite Aid. They had a great sale going when you spend $30 in nail polish and supplies you got $10 back. I bought about 15 polishes, most of them brand new and really only spent $20 with the $10 reward.

Recently I’ve started following some great nail artist on Instagram and have gotten some great ideas and tutorials from them. Here are some of them that I highly recommend! Go follow and follow me while you’re there!






This weekend has been wonderful in both weather and time spent. I had a good little while to spend with my husband. We work opposite schedules and his weekend off is the only time I get to spend with him anymore. He is an avid movie collector so we took some time on Saturday to watch a couple of movies. Django Unchained and Epic were on the menu. Django Unchained was pretty good in my opinion. Unfortunately, I fell asleep during Epic. I was exhausted, so it had nothing to do with the movie. I love crawling up on the couch with our dogs and watching movies. Its one of the great cheap dates that we have. Since he is such a big movie guy, we always have the newest movies to watch. He does a fantastic job on his vlog on youtube. He gives updates throughout the week on the cheapest deals on movies.


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