September’s Monthly Menu

September meal plans

At the Becoming Conference a few weeks ago I had been given an idea by the Freezer Fairy to make a monthly meal plan. I’ve been really slack these past few years on making meal plans and shopping list. Its ended up costing me several trips to the store, several trips to the local fast food place, and spending way more than my budget. I know how to properly put up a menu, make a shopping list, and stick to it. So when I heard this idea of a monthly menu I figured I’d try it. So last month I planned out, by week, our meals. It was a wonderful thing to come home and know I’m making xyz for dinner. I thought it would bug me because my whims may change but I loved not having to think about anything. I also loved not having to answer that dreaded question What’s for dinner? So I sat down this and wrote out a menu for the whole month of September.

My husband and I decided that we were going to eat chicken and fish mostly. Its cheaper and its healthier. So after Labor Day (we had to cook out on Labor Day) we are not going to eat any red meat, as much as possible. I remember back when I was a child we went through a time where we were eating chicken every night, literally. My mother got very creative with the ways that she made it but I often got tired of chicken. I’m hoping that by mixing in fish (I adore all things fish) and pizza I won’t tire from chicken. Everything gets better in practice so I should be fairly good at cooking chicken in different ways by the end of this month. Now, I am not a great chef by any means. I have a few good meals I can make and only a couple of family recipes. So I enlisted the help of Pinterest for meal ideas. So each week there is a new meal to try from pinterest. I’ll give you guys an update each week with how those turn out.


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