I love Target clearance

Every week I love to go by my local Target and see what kind of clearance deals they have. On my way home from my daughter’s volleyball game (proud momma syndrome in full effect) I decided to run by Target and see what they had in store. While searching the aisles I found a great deal in the freezer section. The garlic butter pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket family pack (12 sandwiches) was on clearance for $4.98. Original price on these is usually $10 at least. It was the last one and my frugal-senses starting tingling. “I bet I could get a better price on this,” I thought.

Of course I can with my handy dandy coupon saving ways! I did not have my coupons with me so I used two apps on my phone that I love for saving money. Shopkick is great! They use gps and wireless to give you points when you walk into certain stores. Usually Target gives about 50 points per walk-in. During your time in the store you can also scan items to get extra points. Now when you have accumulated enough points you can buy gift cards to stores.

500 points ——-> $2

1250 points —–> $5

2500 points ——> $10

5000 points ——->$20

It doesn’t take long to accumulate points just walk into stores each week and even scan a few items. This extra few minutes in the store each week is worth a great amount of savings.

The other app that I love to use is Cartwheel. It is a newer app to me but I am loving it. Cartwheel is exclusively for Target. In Cartwheel many everyday items have discounts from 5% – 20% off. You can add items to your cartwheel account and then it generates a scan code for the cashier. The discounts are good for multiple uses until the coupon expires. My husband loves this app because he is an avid movie collector and likes to use the coupons on movies that would otherwise not have any discounts.

So after checking both apps I had a $2 gift card on Shopkick and 10% off from Cartwheel. Which ended up costing $2.49 plus tax for the Lean Pocket family pack, YAY! Great deal!


The Sprinkles Cake

Yesterday was one of my co-worker’s birthday. She is much more to me than just a co-worker. She is a friend and a mentor to me. She is giving and caring and I thought that it wouldn’t be a good birthday if she didn’t get a fabulous surprise cake! Another co-worker and I gathered up some people and surprised her with a special home made cake at work.   Image

This is my “pinspiration” (inspiration from pinterest). It is from Style Me Pretty.(Click the link to see the original post) I went to Walmart and picked up the $1 Pillsbury vanilla and chocolate cake mixes. I also picked up 2 of the Pillsbury classic white frosting and the biggest tub of sprinkles I could find.


Now I’m going to go ahead and put out there that I am not the best baker in the world at all, so don’t laugh at me. (you can laugh with me though) So this is reality, unabridged unedited. I made a huge mess with sprinkles all over my kitchen. The inside of the cake is marble, oh and uneven. This is the great thing about making homemade treats, they can see the work that you put into it. Take for example the middle layer that is split into thirds and glued back together with frosting, it is being held together by love and hard work (and a prayer). If someone cuts into it and half the cake falls to its death, it only makes the memory that much greater. Spending love and saving money at the same time.

I went to Dollar Tree and got streamers as well as plates, napkins, and forks for our little cake extravaganza. The Dollar Store has a nice little selection of colors for paper supplies. I much prefer going to the Dollar Tree rather than Walmart or Party City for paper party supplies.

Tucker's Bday


Overall the “party” was successful. She was fully surprised and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the cake. My marble effect was below par. I basically ended up mixing them together with a few light and dark spots. My mission was completed when she walked in and felt all the love from everyone waiting to yell, “Happy Birthday!” As long as she felt how special she is to me, and many others, everything went as planned!

Keeping up the good word of encouragement

the inspiration

I teach elementary school and last year during November I went through the mid-year slump. I was tired for several reasons: tired of faculty, tired of children, tired of not having any time off, and tired because I had just gotten married (yay!). I began searching for something to give me hope and encouragement to make it through the day. My best friend was also going through a similar slump and I had started noticing these meaningful quotes on pinterest that seemed like just what I needed to hear. I had heard of people writing quotes on post-its and had sticking them to the mirror for themselves and others to read. I decided to go a step further and hand deliver the messages to see if that would help. When I delivered that first quote to my bestie, it was awesome! Not only was she encouraged but I was too, simply because I had made her day. We were both so moved by this experience that we made it into an everyday thing. This year she is not working at the same school, and I felt alone and broken when it was time to return. When I unpacked all my stuff in my office, the first thing I looked for were those quotes. As I read them again, suddenly all those quotes that we had written to each other gave me encouragement to “continue the good race” ( 2 Timothy 4:7) and once again I had been encouraged.Image


I devoted the wall behind my desk to these quotes and made an “Inspiration, Encouragement, and Love” wall. As people came back into my office to visit they were curious about the post-its and came closer to read them. So many others were encouraged just by reading that wall.

display wall

On the other side of my wall I created a display area for student work. These aren’t just any students. These are mostly from my adopted kids. Their poetry and short stories that give me a sense of love when I look at them. These are things that someone thought enough about me to give to me or make for me.

thick and thin                              sonic

These are a couple of my favorite. A poem that my adopted daughter (that graduated to high school) wrote for me and a drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog by one of my kid’s friends. I love Sonic the Hedgehog. Another one that I failed to take a picture of is a poem by my adopted son titled “The Gamer Can’t Win”.

my corner

So this is my little corner of the world now. Brightly decorated and slightly imperfect, just like me.  🙂


Last weekend I attended The Becoming Conference in Asheville, NC. The conference is about becoming creative, purposeful, and frugal. It is a day and a half of large sessions and small sessions about the three different areas with great speakers from great blogs. I have attended all 3 years that it has been running and this year I felt that I was pretty confident with the frugal part of it all. I decided to take part in the more purposeful side of things. I was very inspired by the speakers to start my own blog and share my stories and projects with everyone.

One of my favorite things to do each week is nail art. I used to paint my nails, in all my adolescent glamour, when I was in middle school and high school. I quickly quit when I got more friends and activities. 🙂 I always liked designing my nails but never really did more than one color per nail. About six months ago I was on pinterest (my addiction) and saw that one of my friends had pinned nail art on their board. From then on I have been designing my nails every week without fail. This week was no exception. So it begins, my weekly nail post….

In honor of my adopted daughter

For my adopted daughter

I coach middle school volleyball for the school I work at. Last year I adopted 3 siblings that went to my school, two of them were on my volleyball team. The older two are twins, a boy and a girl, they start high school next week. This week my adopted daughter has her first volleyball game with her high school team. Its a really big deal, at least it is to me. So I designed my nails in honor of her first game. Her school colors are red and black and her number is 10. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments!

Let me know what you guys think about the nails and if you have any ideas for future nail designs.